Chef’s menu

Starters - The sea and the land

  • Steamed squid, shrimp and vegetable salad
  • Anchovies, kurozu, marinated chicory and gorgonzola cheese
  • Crispy tempura with red prawns from Gallipoli.
  • Smoked balik salmon fillet, butter and croutons.
  • Alici, kurozu, puntarelle marinate e gorgonzola
  • Potato and cod fish balls, spicy paprika mayonnaise.
  • Tataki-style tuna, teriyaki, aioli, Cantabrian anchovies. ,
  • Seared carpaccio of scallops, salad, basil and aioli.
  • Zucchini flowers in batter, soft cheese and anchovies.
  • Aubergine gratin with smoked mozzarella, pistachios, sweet and sour cherry tomatoes
  • Patanegra black stamp 5j Sanchez Romero
  • Apulian cow's milk burrata, basil oil and tomatoes
  • Fried feta, honey and pine nuts
  • Fassona tartare, caramelized onion, salad, spicy mayonnaise

The raw seafood

  • Chef's selection of raw seafood, with salts and sauces served separately selection of fresh fish with carpaccio, tartare, shellfish and prawn
  • Cod fish carpaccio with tomatoes, capers, olives and Tropea onion
  • Ceviche with fish, lime, tabasco, raw vegetables, red onion rings
  • Gallipoli red prawn ceviche and leche de tigre
  • French Gillardeau oysters

the first

  • The scent of home

    "Donna Oleria" striped tube with fish, shellfish and squid soup

  • Fresh tagliolino with lemon

    with prawn tartare and Gallipoli prawns and stracciatella

  • The Chef's Watercolor

    Risotto with clams and smoked black tea, Gallipoli prawn tartare, dehydrated tomato, parsley powder and red fruit soy reduction drops

  • The paccheri

    Cheese, pepper, lime, zucchini and squid

  • Risotto believed to be a parmesan

    Risotto with 24 months Parmigiano Reggiano, confit tomato, eggplant and basil oil

  • Classic

    Spaghettone "Pastificio dei Campi", yellow and red tomato, tomato powder

PERCORSO DEGUSTAZIONE "Cameriere, champagne!"

  • Starters: battuta di vitello e caviale; capesante, patate e caviale; uovo, cavolo e tartufo
  • Tagliolino, nero e caviale; acquerello, champagne e caviale; carbonara e tartufo
  • Tataki, bietole e caviale; maialino, vitello, patate e tartufo
  • Pre - dessert; cioccolato e pere; piccola pasticceria


  • Percorso di sapori tra crudo e cotto a cura della chef
  • 8 portate e piccola pasticceria


  • From the Adriatic to the lonian

    Fillet fish soup (s.d.), crustaceans, molluscs and toasted bread

  • The fried sea

    Fried calamari and Gallipoli prawns with julienne vegetables

  • Scampi

    Gallipoli-style scampi cooked in the oven with bread crust, marinated salad

  • Gallipoline

    Fresh fish, s.d., crunchy breading, citrus mayonnaise, marinated salad

  • From the boat

    Fresh sea fish, prawns, Gallipoli prawns grill, salt, steam, oven

  • Cheek

    Veal cheek cooked 96 hours glazed with soy with seasonal vegetables

  • Little pig

    Suckling pig cooked in low temperature, cream of potatoes and vegetables s. d.